Dock House (2011)
Place Pavilion 01: The View Finder (2012)
Place Pavilion 02: The Sound Booth (2014)
Eduardo Castaneda
Contributed by:
Eduardo Castaneda
Assoc. AIA

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Introducing KRob 2015 Announcement Moderator Joshua M. Nason

The AIA Dallas Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition Committee is pleased to announce Joshua M. Nason, Assistant Professor of Architecture University of Texas at Arlington, as our 2015 event moderator.

Joshua M. Nason, an Assistant Professor of Architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington and Director of Iterative Studio, is interested in understanding and designing complex systems. As such, he explores dynamic and vacillating collisions, synchronicity, and reciprocities via stratified analytic processes. He teaches courses in design, urbanism, theory, analytic mapping and methods of idea communication focusing on exploring multivalent interrelationships that comprise evolving contextual structures and cultural codependencies. Focusing on iterative design processes, his goal is to explore the superimposition of design components, meaning, and the inevitable effects on their city and cultural fabrics.

Join us for the announcement and discussion with jurors Michel Rojkind, Paul Stevenson Oles, FAIA, and John P. Maruszczak on October 29. Register here!