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Strategic Thinkers Wanted...

2019 AIA Dallas Board of Directors

Nominations Due: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The AIA Dallas Chapter Nominating Committee solicits recommendations and interested parties for service to the Chapter in the following positions on the Board of Directors:

  • President-Elect
    (position available serving a 3-year term: 2019 President-Elect, 2020 President, 2021 Chapter Director)
  • VP Programs
    (position available serving a 1-year term in 2019)
  • VP Treasurer
    (position available serving a 2-year term: 2019-2020)
  • Directors
    (positions available serving a 1-year term in 2019)

If you are a member-in-good standing interested in being considered for one of the open positions (or have a recommendation of a member), please submit your name by Wednesday, August 8th to Jan Blackmon, FAIA, at Please include any information that might be helpful to the Nominating Committee, including any relevant experience and why you are interested in leading the Chapter as a board member.

For more information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the board, please see the AIA Dallas bylaws or contact Jan Blackmon, FAIA.