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  • AIA Dallas/Modern Luxury 2021 Recap

YP Corner: Networking with the Networks

Whenever things get busy in our day to day lives, it is easy to keep to our inner circles and not explore new networking opportunities. The Cross Pollination Happy Hour was exactly the type of event for individuals to get outside their circles and meet new folks in a fun casual setting.

On Wednesday March 27th, AIA Dallas held its first ever Cross Pollination Happy Hour!  It was an excellent opportunity for networks that normally don’t interact with one another to come together and learn what else is going on other than the inner workingings of their own networks.

The three advertised networks involved were the Latinos in Architecture, the Women in Architecture, and the Young Professionals networks. Conveniently, the Fellows had a meeting at the AD EX right before the happy hour began, allowing them to join in on the festivities as well! 

Happy hours are perhaps the best type of setting to network in, and not just because there is normally a drink or two involved. These types of events allow for a great casual setting that individuals can be more comfortable in while meeting new people.

I believe that meaningful relationships aren’t formed when you go up to someone with the intent of selling your services, time, or products. Rather, I believe the most fulfilling relationships come when you meet people naturally in a casual no-stress environment where you can take off the business persona (yes we all have one) and be yourself.   

Graphic by Tess Haverstick, Assoc. AIA; Photos by Shirley Che