The Building Enclosure Council (BEC) is a network of affiliated architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and others located in major cities across the United States. The Dallas BEC was formed to address durability, design and the unique air, moisture and thermal performance challenges of building enclosures in Texas.


Detailing Air Barriers

While most understand the necessity of an air barrier system, often the installation details and system design are less clear. The course provides an overview of specific installation techniques for different air barrier material types including standard details of rough openings, roof-to-wall connections, and transitional joints between different building materials. In addition, this course reviews code compliance, material selection, specifications, and tricky conditions. 

Presenter:  Conleigh Bauer, CSI, CDT, W. R. Meadows

Conleigh Bauer is the Architectural Services Specialist for W. R. Meadows of Texas specializing in building envelope materials including air barriers, waterproofing, and vapor retarders. She has worked in the AEC field for the past decade. In her spare time she enjoys taking captivating photos with a passion for Photography.