The Building Enclosure Council (BEC) is a network of affiliated architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and others located in major cities across the United States. The Dallas BEC was formed to address durability, design and the unique air, moisture and thermal performance challenges of building enclosures in Texas.

This Month's Presentation: Fenestration Performance Testing

Product Testing is a Critical Part Of Every Project’s Success, but its importance is often misunderstood or overlooked until well into the project’s life and schedule.

Inappropriately specified tests can lead to false failures, delays and unnecessary costs. By Understanding The Kinds Of Tests Available and the many test considerations for both generic and customized systems in addition to planning the administration requirements, you can assist in both The Testing Program and the Project’s Success.

Navigating the Options toward the Appropriate Balance of Testing….

Presenter: John Rovi, Oldcastle Building Envelope

Over the past 25 years, John has performed various roles in the exterior façade business, He’s held positions such as project manager, facade consultant, and presently as an Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope architectural business development Rep.

He has given numerous presentations to architects, engineers, developers, and owners. Communicating technical yet persuasive presentations to audiences ranging from 15 to 1,250 people in 5 different countries.

For the past 8 years, John also writes a blog for USGlass Magazine called “Mind Your Business” where he writes about practical advice on selling, presenting, marketing, and how to be more successful both personally and professionally.