Help inspire the architects and designers of tomorrow. Donate a book to a public high school today!

Donations can include books about architecture, interior design, engineering, art, and construction. New or gently-used supplies such as scales, T-squares, tracing paper are welcome! Magazines will NOT accepted.
Feel free to write a personal, motivational message on the inside front cover of a donated book, and encourage students to explore our profession as a career path! This way, when the students look at the books and read the inscriptions, they find not only a sense of inspiration but a connection to our professionals in Dallas. 

The AD EX and many area firms will be serving as collection points. Books may be dropped off during office hours at the AD EX from June 17 through August 19th  

Participating firms include:




Burns & McDonnell

Hensley Lamkin Rachel



Contact us if you/your firm would like to be one of the collection points!