Parking structure design has changed a lot over the past decade. Today’s parking structures have to be built sustainably, reduce operational and maintenance costs, last longer, and have more stringent aesthetic requirements.In many cases, they have to be high-performance structures exceeding standard expectations.

This presentation will explain what a high-performance parking structure is, as well as how to design and build them utilizing high-performance precast concrete. The latest innovations and design methodologies, including connections, proper detailing, and maintenance will be discussed. Aesthetic options and versatility will also be presented.

 Learning Objectives:

                • Describe the primary attributes of high-performance parking structures

                • Discuss the latest innovations in parking structure design

                • Explain the differences in various structural systems for parking structures

                • Describe proper maintenance procedures for a parking structure

PRESENTER:  Chris Lechner, Precast Concrete Manufacturers Association (PCMA)