Its important for our design and construction community to have a voice and be heard during the 87th State Legislative session which started January 12, 2021. Why is this important?  The outcome of this session will affect your businesses operations, impact future new business opportunities in health and education, as well as redrawing the state’s political maps. However, only a handful of the Bills introduced make it to Governor Abbott’s desk for signature. This discussion is to be engaging and interactive, to give you an overview of what has happened to-date, what is to come, and we want this to be a call to action for you, our AIA and TEXO members, so that together we have a voice in the outcome of the legislative session.

Please join us at noon on April 29 as Becky Walker and Jack Baxley lead the conversation around what AIA and TEXO have been following. We are glad to welcome back Joe Oyler, Managing Director of Public Policy at the Dallas Regional Chamber, to facilitate the discussion and provide the perspective of our North Texas region.