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DALLAS, TX 75214

Phone: 469-867-6040

Firm Description

Telamon Design LLC was founded to face the challenges of a changing world and a changing profession.  We deliver architecture that incorporates the best of modern building science with the legacy of humanist design.

We find ourselves in a world where shepherding our resources to confront the uncertainties of a changing climate is a paramount concern whether or not we are ready to recognize this fact.

Buildings which are beautiful, comfortable, durable, healthy, and efficient are buildings that find themselves loved and appreciated long beyond the life of their initial costs.

Although we embrace modern materials and methods, we also hold to the humanist principal of design found throughout our history.  Scale, proportion, mass, space, view, light & dark: all of these aspects must be anchored in the needs of the people who occupy our built environment.


Build Resilience at Human Scale


Architecture, Design, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Master Planning, Programming, Project / Program Management, Site Analysis/ Site Evaluating and Planning, Space Planning, Sustainable Design, Way Finding, Zoning Process Assistance

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Richland College - Garland Campus (for VAI)
Office, Assembly, Educational
Richland College - Garland Campus (for VAI) Office, Assembly, Educational

Commercial/ Office

Grapevine  Palace Theater (for Architexas)
Performance, Assembly
Landstar System, Inc. (for AAI)
Office, Logistics, Educational
3550 Roy Orr (for AAI)
Industrial, Logistics
Richland College - Garland Campus (for VAI)
Office, Assembly, Educational
Park South YMCA (for AAI)
Community, Fitness, Office, Educational
City of Plano Technical Services Center (for AAI)
Office, Data Center
51xx Victor Street Addition
Residential, Historic Preservation