The AIA Continuing Education System

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Can AIA Dallas provide education credits for my program?

Organizations are authorized to provide continuing education credits by the national AIA in Washington, DC. AIA Dallas is a registered provider, and is authorized to provide our own programs for credit. AIA Dallas cannot confer credits on another organization’s programs.

How can I become a registered provider?

If you are interested in becoming a provider, you can apply through AIA National in Washington, DC, by completing an application and paying a fee for annual provider recognition. Information

Can I propose a program for AIA Dallas to present?

Our Allied Members are eligible to propose continuing education programs.  Regular opportunities are provided to Allied Members to present at the Architecture and Design Exchange. For more information about Allied memberships, go here.

Can my organization partner with AIA Dallas to offer credits?

Occasionally, AIA Dallas co-produces programs with other organizations and reports CE credits for those programs. In such instances, we are responsible for both quality assurance and accurate reporting. We must staff the event, apply for approval of CE credits, and handle all  registrations so that we have an accurate electronic record. Since this is a major undertaking, we only do this on events that fit our organization’s mission and annual educational goals. If you are interested in proposing a joint program, contact Cathy Boldt at