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HingePoint consulting and development started integrating systems and technologies in the early 1990s, when businesses first began rolling out computer and web platforms. We’ve been working with industry leaders to automate, streamline and strengthen their existing business processes, bringing new corporate “wish-list” capabilities to market. We love to push the envelope, discovering practical, yet highly productive solutions for our clients.

Our clients range from top hotel brands and restaurant chains to telecom, retail, and commercial real estate developers. From government agencies to cutting-edge, venture capital start-ups, we can help.

When optimizing your processes and integrating systems, you deserve to work with highly skilled consultants and developers who not only create innovative solutions but seek to help you maintain a thriving business moving forward. That’s why we’re here.


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We offer BIM with ROI. Our turn-key solutions for building information modeling give you the ability to plan, estimate and execute BIM with precision. Results Guaranteed…Literally Guaranteed®.
HingePoint's powerful plugin will save 100’s of hours in Autodesk® Revit® BOM data analysis, reporting and quantity estimation. Create clear BOM reports beautifully formatted and exported instantly to Excel. We also make custom plugins for your needs.
Scale your portfolio efficiently using “virtual prototypes“. Our detailed models can be used for construction documentation for permit and drawing submissions.
HingePoint created a BIM model for Promesa, a company building storage units throughout Texas. The goal was to give Promesa a BIM model that they could scale and build units throughout Texas more quickly. Our work reduced the time it took to get construction documents approved with municipalities.