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L.A. Fuess Partners is a Structural Engineering firm specializing in the design of commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial buildings. Lawrence A. Fuess founded the firm in 1979 with a vision based on trust, professionalism, and excellence of service. Guided by that vision throughout its history, L.A. Fuess Partners pursues innovative design solutions that contribute to the overall success of each project and benefit all project team members.

Engineering leadership at L.A. Fuess Partners begins with its team of principals, each with 15 to 35 or more years of multifaceted experience, enriched within a collaborative environment and empowered by the latest advances in engineering technology. Working within a culture committed to “doing what’s best for the project,” our engineers embrace engineering challenges that emerge during design and construction and seek to turn those challenges to each project’s advantage.

L.A. Fuess Partners designs new buildings and renovations throughout the United States, maintaining professional engineering registration in more than 40 states. Between our headquarters in Dallas, Texas and our branch offices in Boston and Austin we’ve been fortunate enough to complete thousands of projects for clients all across North America.

Jonathan Brower | jbrower@lafp.com | 214-593-1139
Associate at L.A. Fuess Partners

Caleb Duncan | cduncan@lafp.com | 214-455-4703
President at L.A. Fuess Partners


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