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Valued internationally as creative and insightful design partners, Schuler Shook consistently creates exceptional design solutions in theatre planning and architectural lighting design. We design for today and for the future. With over 30 years of experience, we are fully engaged in understanding and elevating the project vision.  From initial planning studies to full services for new construction or renovation projects, we are known for our inclusive and comprehensive approach to design.

Architecture and lighting are inseparable. We strive to understand the architect’s vision for every project element; it is that vision that engages and propels us forward. We explore unanticipated options in order to push beyond what is expected to that which is extraordinary. Our architectural lighting designers create daylighting and electric lighting schemes for virtually every project type, including parks, exterior landscaping, facades, transportation, offices, healthcare, restaurants, hospitality, museums, theatres, and places of worship.

Theatre planning and technology design require a depth of experience balanced with a clear vision for the future of the performing arts. We lead the team in exploring options for theatre shapes and forms, and we carefully evaluate the positive relationships that can be created between audiences and performers. We apply multiple perspectives borne of our diverse backgrounds in theatrical lighting, technical direction, architectural lighting, production management, and scenic design. We design and specify all technical systems, and we carefully integrate the technical infrastructure to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Our experience as theatre planners is appreciated in theatres, concert halls, amphitheatres, recital and studio spaces, multipurpose rooms, rehearsal rooms and support spaces. Our theatre planners create performance spaces that work, for audiences and for artists.

Our approach to architectural lighting design and to theatre planning has resulted in numerous award-winning projects that have been recognized by the AIA, IALD, IESNA, USITT and other organizations. Client partners appreciate our process, built on a genuine openness and curiosity about every project and each stakeholder. We believe in happy clients and spaces that make a difference.


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