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Sky Factory is the American fine arts and technology company behind the world’s only research-verified illusions of nature™. The company’s multisensory portals create therapeutic views of nature—open sky, land, and sea—that enliven our innate, hard-wired need to affiliate and bond with living systems.

By bringing wild, undisturbed nature to interior spaces that lack access to the sky or green spaces, Sky Factory installations incorporate perceived open space, which yields deeper restorative effects than standard representational imagery.

Sky Factory’s unique framework integrates visual content into architectural context, altering the observer’s sense of scale (in artificial interiors) from one of confinement to one of genuine relief. When the viewer experiences a visceral connection to a simulated natural exterior, he/she experiences the automatic “Relaxation Response” we experience in natural environments.

Sky Factory’s family of Luminous SkyCeilings™ and Luminous Virtual Windows™ are designed to create the highest quality, simulated views to nature available. Using high-resolution digital photography, calibrated printing and LED lighting systems, our illusions of nature provide a bi-sensory stimulus that triggers spatial cognition (depth perception). Aperture SkyCeiling™ and Infinity SkyCeiling™ expand Sky Factory's selection of illusions by offering circular and elliptical options. 

The company’s digital cinematography portals, including the newly redesigned SkyView™—a dynamic virtual skylight featuring unedited, real-time sequences of open skies, clouds, and foliage; eScape™—a virtual window with pristine landscapes and seascapes (includes audio); and eSea™—a virtual portal into underwater environments featuring the therapeutic motion of exotic sea life.

Sky Factory’s Digital Cinema systems are the only ones with feature-length Full HD or 4K scenes. Our average unedited scene length runs over an hour.

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