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     For over 60 years we have been pursuing  a passion for beauty and elegant design expressed through stone and tile. From intricate marble mosaics to monumental granite slabs and handmade ceramic tiles, our collections are legendary for their unrivaled breadth and stunning beauty.

     When Walker Zanger was founded over a half century ago, our sights were set on the dream of building a family business founded on world class design, quality and service. Since then, Walker Zanger has grown to become the leader in luxury tile and stone, counting among our loyal clients the glitterati of the interior design world, renowned architects and discerning homeowners.

    Walker Zanger tile and stone has graced many famed public spaces, including noted museums, skyscrapers, and fine hotels. Just as important, our products enrich the personal spaces where families gather and grow - the kitchen island, the swimming pool and the living room hearth. Our customers' emotional response to our products and loyalty to our brand is deeply gratifying. We hope that it's a reflection of our intimate involvement in every aspect of our products - from design and development, to supervising production and providing outstanding customer service.

    In the pages that follow, you will find the finest selection of luxury stone and tile available anywhere. Taking inspiration from historical architecture and decorative arts, as well as embracing modern design, we offer you a dazzling array of products, thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time.

    Indulge your senses, dream of the possibilities and realize your vision with Walker Zanger.



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Main Tile- Jet Set: Oasis Pattern in Mocha
Main Tile- Jet Set: Oasis Pattern in Mocha
Main Tile- Jet Set: Oasis Pattern in Mocha
Tangent: Astral Nights Pattern in Calacata
Tangent: Ipanema Pattern in Calacata
Duquesa: Fatima Decorative Field in Mezzanotte
Tilt: Clover Mosaic in White Gloss
Sterling Row: Chesterfield Pattern in Charcoal
Robert A.M. Stern Collection: Otto Field in Oxford Gloss, Basaltina Stone Slab
Villa d'Oro: Mosaic Café & Granada Café
Calacata Belgia 3cm Polished Marble Slab
Calacata Carrara 2cm Polished Marble Slab
Calacata Cremo 3cm Polished Marble Slab