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"Shercules" is Dragon Boat Racing for the National Team

AIA Dallas is proud to announce that our Membership Manager, Shirley Che—or better known as “Shercules”—will be competing on the National Dragon Boat team at the World Championship. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate both her and this incredible achievement. The community that surrounds Dragon boat racing is vibrant and it has slowly become a global phenomenon.

The challenges of Dragon boat racing are not new, with roots that go back 2,000 years in Chinese history. It requires precise timing, strength, endurance, and teamwork. While it is no longer a symbolic superstitious struggle against nature to ensure a coming prosperous agricultural season, Dragon boat racing is one of the fastest growing aquatic sports.

If you are unfamiliar with Dragon Boat racing, the boat itself is the image of a mythological dragon. You are surrounded by about twenty different paddlers with two abreast, and there is a steerer in the rear and a drummer who sits at the front to keep each stroke apace. Synchronicity is of the utmost importance. The atmosphere on a Dragon boat is unique, and it is a brutally competitive sport.

We are so proud of you Shirley! Join us as we cheer her on and send her a little well wishing.