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2020 TxA Honor Awards Winners Announced

The Texas Society of Architects has announced the recipients of their 2020 Honor Awards! This program recognizes exceptional members, firms, individuals, and organizations for outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture, the built environment, and quality of life in Texas. We are excited to congratulate our Dallas honorees:

Architecture Firm Award

Since 1992, DSGN Associates has provided architectural, planning, interior design, and graphic design services to stellar clients around the world. Their project types are diverse and include single and multi-family residential, retail and mixed-use centers, offices and work places, civic facilities, and urban planning. The firm’s work includes both new construction and adaptive reuse of pre-war and post-war historic buildings. DSGN plans and designs each commission to be a specific reflection of the goals, aspirations, and priorities of their clients and are proud to have won more than 50 design awards, not only from their peers in the AIA, but also from numerous industry, civic, and sustainability organizations.

Award for Outstanding Educational Contributions in Honor of Edward J. Romieniec FAIA
Bradley Bell

Bradley Bell is the director of the School of Architecture and an associate professor at The University of Texas at Arlington. He also directs the school’s Digital Architecture Research Consortium and is the founder and co-director of TEX-FAB. Through his own work and research, and through the work of his students and collaborators, Bell promotes the advancement of technological practices within architecture. He has continued to utilize his position in the university and his extensive technological research to educate not only his students, but the broader community of architects. Bell serves as a model of not only what is possible within the profession, but how architects can contribute to society through research and service. He reminds us that education does not end when you graduate, but is a daily practice for those who seek innovation and excellence.

Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Architecture through the Media in Honor of John G. Flowers Hon. AIA
Kathryn Holliday, Hon. AIA FW

Kathryn (Kate) Holliday, Hon. AIA FW, is the founding director of the David Dillon Center for Texas Architecture and professor of architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington. She is an award-winning architectural historian, researcher, and teacher as well as an author focused on the built environment. She has written numerous articles and essays, as well as her acclaimed book, “The Open- Ended City: David Dillon on Texas Architecture,” published in 2019 by the University of Texas Press. Holliday serves on the editorial board for and frequently contributes to AIA Dallas’ Columns Magazine. She is a member of the board of directors for Historic Fort Worth, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the value of historic preservation. In the past, she served on the State Board of Review for the Texas Historical Commission’s National Register programs and was a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Architectural Education.

Artisan Award
Ronald L. Siebler

Ron Siebler of Siebler Remodeling and Historic Preservation draws upon a rich legacy of art and craftsmanship that is rooted in the training of previous generations. Before electrical power and automation, there was simply skill and knowing how to work with the materials at hand. Siebler is a bridge to that previous time, having a modern perspective and experience in the application of historic techniques. The result is an authentic approach to historic construction, an old-world command of materials, and an artistic flair for bringing it all together.

Citation of Honor
Parks for Downtown Dallas

Parks for Downtown Dallas (PfDD) promotes a more livable, sustainable center city through the championing of green space in Downtown Dallas. It is a 501(c)(3) established in 2015 to advance long-term development and support of public parks within Downtown. PfDD is embarked on a course to build four new urban neighborhood parks by year-end 2022, and in parallel, develop a framework for maintaining and improving Downtown’s public parks. This four-park program will result in nearly 14 acres of new green space in Dallas’ urban core. The construction of the four Downtown priority parks represents one of the most exciting urban transformations in America today, reflecting both the challenges and opportunities associated with creating parks in a built environment.

Honorary Membership
Kourtny S. Garrett, Hon. AIA Dallas

Kourtny Garrett was named president & CEO of Downtown Dallas, Inc. (DDI) in January 2017, and has been dedicated to the revitalization of Downtown Dallas in various roles with the organization since 2002. DDI is a private, nonprofit organization serving as the primary advocate and champion for Downtown, ensuring that the area grows as a vibrant center of urban life, recognized locally and globally for the quality of its business, hospitality, entertainment, living, and cultural environments. With a resume that spans more than 20 years in the development of livable communities, Garrett’s passion for strong and kinetic city centers carries from Dallas to abroad.

Honorary Membership
Katherine D. Seale, Hon. AIA Dallas

Much like the historic buildings and urban fabric she cares so deeply for, Katherine Seale, Hon. AIA Dallas, has renovated the perception of historic preservation in Dallas and adapted the city’s successful Landmarks program to a new, more assertive role as both the savior of its historic resources and the shaper of future urban development. Instead of simply responding to the often-conflicting influences of modern development on historic buildings, Seale has and continues to champion new ideas and programs that preserve these buildings while creating new opportunities to weave them into the evolving urban fabric. Her vision and steadfast leadership have demonstrated an attitude and ability for historic preservation that is an example for all of Texas and beyond. 


25-Year Award
Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is located at 1717 North Harwood Street in Dallas. It was completed in three phases. The first phase was completed in 1984 and was designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes Architect, with Pratt, Box & Henderson as the associate architect. The second phase, the Reves Wing Addition, was completed in 1985 with the same design team. The third phase, the Hamon Wing Addition, was completed in 1993 by Edward Larrabee Barnes Architect, with Thomas & Booziotis as the associate architect. The building remains in excellent condition and is used for its original purpose as a public art museum. The Dallas Museum of Art was the first component of the Dallas Arts District to be constructed and set a quality standard for the entire district. Upon its opening, it was a featured project in many regional and national magazines and publications, including Progressive Architecture, ArchitectureTexas Architect, and The New York Times.

Thank you to our AIA Dallas Community Honors Committee for championing these nominations and congratulations to this year's recipients! View the full list here.