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A Driveway Moment and an Open Letter

If you are a fan of National Public Radio you know the term “driveway moment”. I had one such moment last weekend. I was getting into my car to drive to the gym to train for the upcoming Form Follows Fitness 5-K when I looked down at the passenger seat and noticed my copy of COLUMNS magazine. It hit me that this was the long-awaited Mobility issue. I flipped it open and began to read. I set there in my car on a cold January morning, car running, totally immersed in the issue…

You should by now be in receipt of your issue of COLUMNS. It largely focuses on the Mobility Summit the AIA Dallas and Greater Dallas Planning Council held last fall. It also includes several great supporting articles on auto dependency and sprawl. I hope you find it as fascinating, informative—and, yes—enthralling as I did.

AIA Dallas leadership and our Public Policy committee are active participants in a myriad of conversations affecting the quality of life for Dallasites and the North Texas region. Top of mind, to leadership, is the Trinity Tollway discussion. We recently asked you to share your opinion on the toll road via an online survey. If you have not yet responded, we invite you to do so now. If you are really compelled to share your opinion we welcome a post from you on the AIA Dallas Springboard website.

To further update you on our chapter’s actions on the Trinity, we sent a letter to Mayor Rawlings and the Dallas City Council members this week. Our correspondence included the previously issued Open Letter to the Dream Team  (December 2014) and the above referenced letter to the Mayor. View the letter here.

It was a busy week around the AIA. There were two major chapter programs including the screening of the 1967 film "The Walls are Rising" and the AIA/TEXO Economic Outlook for 2015. Between the two events, we had nearly 400 in attendance. You were missed if you were not there.

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