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A Message from the President: AIA Dallas’ 2015 Plan

A Call for Rapid and Comprehensive Action in AIA Repositioning

The new AIA manifesto was an evident theme of the 2013 AIA Convention last week in Denver.  If you haven’t watched the inspirational two minute video, be sure to check it out.  Much of the high-energy conference focused on the powerful impact architects can make in our communities.

You might also be interested in knowing how AIA Dallas responded to AIA National’s request for your feedback relative to the repositioning initiative.   We listened to you in our AIA Dallas and AIA Fort Worth joint meeting, and formulated The AIA 2015 Repositioning Plan.  This response was approved by the AIA Dallas Board of Directors and forwarded to AIA President Mickey Jacobs, FAIA, and CEO Robert Ivy, FAIA.  The plan echoes a response similar to that of the Texas Society of Architects.   

The AIA 2015 Repositioning Plan outlines our members’ collective perspective on the roles and responsibilities of each tier of the national, state and local organization.  But more importantly, it calls for strategic goal setting, swift and effective change, change that will be evident to every member of the organization and breakthrough simplification of programs and services.  I hope you will review the plan and share your thoughts with us.

Chapter components across the country are equally excited about the repositioning effort but were collectively compelled to send the AIA national leadership a strong message to ensure that the implementation of the initiative be one that is overwhelmingly successful and sustainable.  Prior to the AIA business meeting last Saturday morning, several large chapter components met to develop a resolution that was presented at the business meeting.  Following our two-hour meeting and some follow-up wordsmithing, the resolution titled “A Resolution of Support for AIA Repositioning with Recommendations for Rapid and Comprehensive Actions” was finalized.   On the convention floor, the resolution received overwhelming support and numerous chapters, including AIA Dallas, stood up to speak in support of the resolution.  Following the discussion, the resolution passed almost unanimously.

Other resolutions were passed at the meeting that called for more transparency in the repositioning process, by-law changes that allow Associate Members to serve as officers in components that so agree, and a much needed by-law change to allow Allied and Professional Affiliates to use the AIA logo and publicly identify themselves as Allied Members of the AIA.

The AIA is on its way to becoming a truly visionary organization of members that inspire one another, our clients, and our public policy makers to effect positive change in our world.  Your voice is being heard and a transformative shift is underway to make the AIA an organization that will be embraced by our young professionals, and one that is fit to address the complex needs of our future.