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AIA Dallas Through a Student's Eyes

I am grateful to the Architecture Matters Committee for extending the invitation for Louisiana students to become involved within AIA Dallas through the Dallas Architectural Graduate Invitational and You've Got 5 Minutes, Kid program. Coming from the small town of Lafayette, Louisiana, an opportunity like this sparked my interest immediately, and I was blessed to be able to express my passions openly with AIA Dallas.

When I spoke about what I was passionate about, I could feel the positive energy in the room. I was excited to be able to speak with an explicit honesty towards myself and what drives me in the profession. With globalization and urbanization pervading local cultures, there are going to be challenges ahead for the profession to deal with. It is going to take leadership and bravery to delve into these challenges and solve the complex problems of the near future. However, I firmly believe that no matter the opposition, when you are passionate about something, it is the drive of that passion that leads you to advance the profession or improve the lives of others in need. Passion is the key to success and was the call to arms that the other presenters and I displayed together.

I have heard everything is bigger in Texas. The personality of the participants and people I experienced throughout the day fit that saying. Prior to the presentation, I was able to speak with multiple firms on a one-to-one basis; culture was a primary concern expressed by many of the professionals. I believe it is culture that will continue to make architecture and people strong. As an emerging professional, I have been given the tools to continue with my passions while creating new friendships, connections, and future opportunities. I hope in the near future to work and live in Dallas and to bring along with me the passion and drive to influence the progression of the profession.