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About 9 years ago: Robert B.

Great blog post and video interview with Mary Hart, Corgan Architects. I look forward the next installment in the series, AIA Dallas Women in Architecture!

About 9 years ago: .

What a fantastic piece! And so much sound advice from Mary, not just for women but for anyone entering the profession. Thank you to all at WiA and Corgan who worked on putting this together!

About 9 years ago: Gregory T.

A really nice piece on Mary. Thanks Wai for your creativity and putting this together for the Dallas architecture community.

About 9 years ago: Vince T.

This is the collective idea from all our members. I am very happy it comes out so great. Mary is truly inspiring. I have learned a lot from this experience.

I would like to give Special thanks to Mary Hart, Ann Franks, Emili Carmichail from Corgan, Frances Notinger from TLS engineer, Cindy Smith from DSGN and also Clarissa Easton from Parkland Health & Hospital system.

AIA Dallas Women in Architecture talk with Corgan's Mary Hart, AIA

WiA speaks with Mary Hart, AIA, in the first of a series of "glass-office" interviews with high-level women in our industry to help inspire our members and other female architects to lean in.

It is our honor to collaborate with Mary Hart, AIA, of Corgan and MediaLab for this interview. Before we begin, I would like to explain a little about the AIA Dallas Women in Architecture and how this interview came to be.

WiA brings the women of AIA Dallas together for fellowship, networking and mentorship while supporting the advancement of women in the profession. Our goals are:

  • Expanding avenues for AIA Dallas women to network and share ideas;
  • Providing mentoring and career development opportunities for women in the profession;
  • Inspiring female students to gain an interest the built environment and pursue architecture as a career.

In one of our meetings, some members lamented a lack of female architects as role models in the metroplex. Our members were looking for mentorship opportunities and to learn from the experiences of successful female architects. From there, we came up with the idea for "glass-office" interviews with high-level women in our industry to help inspire our members and other female architects to lean in. This is the first in what we hope will be a series of such interviews.

So, let me introduce our first interviewee: Mary Hart, AIA. Mary was recently named Principal for Corgan with a specialization in multi-family, commercial and data center design. She has combined 17 years at Corgan with a 20-year career in the National Guard, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the C4I field (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence). Her service has included deployments to Bosnia and Iraq and pre-deployment surveys in Afghanistan.

Her awards and honors include Business Design & Construction's 40 under 40 Award, Leadership Dallas Program, The Bronze Star Medal and two Meritorious Service Medals.

Watch the interview here. Learn more about the AIA Dallas Women in Architecture here.