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Architects Day 2021

“If you do not choose to lead, you will forever be led by others.”

These can only be seen as unprecedented times. Strange days when many of our most basic habits and expectations have been turned on their heads. Our practices, our profession, and likely even our lives will be different when we emerge.

Regardless of your personal political preferences or interest, there can be no doubt that our state legislature, which gaveled in a new biennial session last week, will be working hard to craft the environment in which we will find ourselves. We must not wait to see what happens. We must act to shape what happens.

Join us on Tuesday, February 9 for Architects Day at the Texas Legislature. No bus rides this time. This will be an easy (and fun) one day virtual event that will provide architects quality time with influential legislators and senior staff members.

Numbers matter. Voices matter. Join us.

Led by Governmental Affairs Director Beck Walker, TxA staff have been preparing for months to make architects' needs and desires known on important issues that include:

  • Fighting Increased Architect’s Liability and the Spearin Doctrine
  • Statute of Repose
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Contingency Fee Lawsuits
  • Local Government Authority Protections
  • School Safety
  • Historic Preservation

Many of these issues appear regularly in legislative sessions and TxA staff and architect members from across Texas are reviewing all bills that are filed in order to consider their impact on our practices. The time is now to demonstrate our engagement in this process so that the legislators know that we are watching and that we are ready.

Join us by signing up for Architects Day.


Texas Architects Committee (TAC)

Another important component in advocating for policies that are important to architects comes through the only state-wide political action committee for architecture, the Texas Architects Committee (TAC). TAC coordinates with TxA leadership to direct donations to legislators who demonstrate understanding and support of those issues that are important to architects. The importance of advocacy through this kind of support is well understood, both by architects and by those whose legislative priorities may not align with our own.

Learn more about TAC


As might be expected due to current economic conditions, contributions to the TAC are way down from this time in past years. By the last accounting, those contributions were not even half of what they were this time last year when there was no legislative session starting. Please visit the TAC website and use the donate button to make a contribution of any size. An option for automatic, recurring contributions is also now available.

Contribute to TAC


If you have any questions about TAC, please reach out to our Dallas TAC representatives:


Looking for More Ways to Stay Informed in 2021?

Virtual Coffee & Conversation: 87th Legislative Session

Wednesday, January 27
8:30 - 9:30 AM
FREE Virtual Event

Please join AIA Dallas and the AD EX for the first Coffee & Conversation of 2021. We’ll kick off the new year with a preview of the 87th Texas Legislative Session, which began January 12. The esteemed panel includes state Rep. John Turner, Becky Walker, TXA Director of Government Relations, and Derwin Broughton, AIA, TXA Board Member. We’ll discuss the opportunities and challenges of the legislative session, the priorities of the Texas Society of Architects, and how to get involved. Please join us for this important conversation.