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Columns Looks to the Future

Every new year brings change. Change is one of those uncomfortable feelings that stirs fear of loss—and yet by its very nature also offers new opportunities for renewal and continued improvement.

Change happens no matter how we feel. It appears in our profession, careers, and lives…and at times in our Columns editorial leadership.

Chris Grossnicklaus, Assoc. AIA has been a strong editor for Columns and we celebrate all that he has done to elevate our magazine. After five years, Chris has decided to move on with his professional goals and priorities. Our loss—but we wish him the very best! You may not know this fact, but the award-winning Columns publication is currently the only AIA chapter magazine in the nation led primarily by volunteers. Under Chris’ tenure, the magazine is close to becoming financially self-sufficient while gaining the accolades of professional and community readers. Most importantly, Columns has broadened its reach to address larger city issues that enhance our communities and highlight opportunities for architecture and architects to make a difference. 

Now, we say hello to the future of opportunities! 

I am excited to introduce you to our new editor, Harry Mark, FAIA. He is co-founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Architype Review, a bi-monthly online publication with a global audience of over 44,000 active subscribers. For the past 21 years, he has been the senior architect for the Aphrodisias archaeological excavations in Turkey through the New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts with Oxford University. He is a published author in multiple international architectural journals, as well as regional and national publications.  

Harry, recently elevated to an AIA Fellow, has been engaged in our local architecture community for many years, serving on the AIA Dallas Executive Committee, Design Awards, and state convention committees. 

Harry is a principal in RSM Design, a world-recognized leader in environmental/experiential design with offices in Dallas and San Clemente, CA. 

His multi-disciplinary expertise in architecture, archaeology, design, and communications offers a unique perspective to grow our magazine. As a collaborative designer in the field of architectural graphic design and wayfinding systems, his strong graphics sense will help the magazine continually improve its presence and impact.  

I am very excited to see this change enrich the future of our esteemed magazine. Please join me in welcoming Harry and feel free to drop him a note at

Jan Blackmon, FAIA 
Executive Director 
AIA Dallas/Dallas Center for Architecture