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Construction Almost Complete on 2013 ELP Project: Promise House

One of the most exciting parts of the AIA Dallas Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is the class project. The Class of 2013 is pleased to announce that the construction phase of their Promise House Street Outreach build-out is almost over!

The days of wishing, hoping, and praying Promise House had more space for their Teen Street Outreach program is almost a thing of the past.

Just a little over a month ago, the vacant 1,600 square foot space started to look like a construction battle zone. Stud walls were being installed, concrete flooring was being leveled, and, little by little, tasks were being checked off the to-do list.

The 2013 project team returned to visit the "site" November 7th and again on November 18th. It's hard to explain the feeling of gratitude and accomplishment that washed over everyone's faces as they entered the room. It's probably comparable to the feeling you would get watching your child learn how to walk or talk. Projects are a designer's baby—you shed a tear when you see it grow up (or obtain an certificate of occupancy). Seeing the once cold, dark, and lonely empty shell being transformed into acutal rooms (rooms with walls—nice walls, at that), was the satisfaction that this project was finally going to become a reality. The space was bright with light and the smell of freshly painted walls. Millwork was being installed and the restrooms and showers were starting to look like real spaces.

We are almost at the finish line—weeks away from opening the doors to teens in need. I can think of no better time than now. We are so thankful to have been involved with the AIA Dallas Emerging Leaders Program, to have met 18 architects/designers/friends in the 2013 class, and to have had the opportunity to help an organization like Promise House.

Project Team - Jared Eder, Xavier Spencer, Mia Ovcina, Houston Wurtele.  Missing: Aimee Burmaster

This project would not be the success story it is, without the help from the following people:

- Lee Ellis and the Promise House Crew
- Rick Walker and Beck
- Katie Humphries and Balfour Beatty

The shelter will house 10 new beds for teens between the ages of 18-22, who have had a hard time getting on their feet and need a little help, support, and guidance in order to lead successful lives. If you would like to contribute to a great cause, please visit