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Critique: Arts & Crafts

Beginning like a fairytale and introducing William Morris and his Victorian-influenced vision for architecture, emphasizing ease and comfort, Peter Davey’s Arts & Crafts Architecture reads like a personal narrative rather than a history textbook.

Thoroughly researched, the text explores the lives of the men who shaped the Arts and Crafts movement, giving the reader a brief overview of their lives and work, and offering valuable insight into the mind of each man and the influence of his design. The text is paired with numerous fully colored illustrations, showing the intensity of the architectural details in paintings, drawings, and modern photographs. From landscape architecture to city planning, this text thoroughly examines every part of design from an Arts and Crafts mindset. At the end of the book, Davey takes the reader beyond England and into similar designs in the United States and Europe.

Although the book is bulky enough that you might want to read it at a table, it is incredibly thought-provoking and relevant to our modern-day DIY movement.


Reviewed by Jessica Boldt, marketing coordinator at AIA Dallas.