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Ding, Ding, Ding – Winner, HBJ Architects (this time)

My company, Rogers-O’Brien Construction, has developed a great deal of expertise in the senior living space. Because of this, we get quite a few calls from developers and owners wanting to engage us on their projects. During interview discussions, they often ask us for recommendations of architects with senior living expertise.

Just yesterday, I had this conversation with a new client and he asked me for names. At this point, I have two options. I can send him to the Find a Firm FOLIO on the AIA Dallas Springboard website OR I can give him the names of a half dozen architect-friends of mine with the necessary expertise.

I want to send him to the FOLIO page and have a robust list of firms with senior living experience. Right now, our friends at HBJ Architects would have been the only firm that would have appeared on the list. Does your firm have senior living expereince? Does your firm show up on the experts list?

The same question applies to all the other market sectors listed in the filter. Is your firm represented on the Find a Firm FOLIO? Are your filters set correctly? AIA Dallas staff reports that people call the AIA office every day looking for architects and that Springboard is quickly becoming the go-to site for information on architects in Dallas. The staff refers all of these inquiries to the FOLIO page. If your firm isn't represented, you're missing out!