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Earthquakes & What They Mean for North Texas

Have you been wondering why North Texas is having earthquakes?!

The men and women of the AIA Dallas Codes and Standards Committee have made it a priority to stay informed of the current earthquake activity in North Texas.  They are working with local specialists and academia on the history and present conditions of sesmic activity in our region. Questions we're exploring include:

  • Why are they occurring now?
  • How may they affect codes or our designs in the future?

If you have been asking yourself similar questions or perhaps want to an overview of seismic activity and our local Balcones fault line, join us on May 5, 2015 to hear more from these regional panelists:

  • Jarod Fancher - Earthquakes in Texas            
  • Barry Beazley - Science of Earthquakes                       
  • Bruce W. Rachel, AIA - IBC Seismic Design
  • Linda Brown, FCSI - Moving Forward                                 

Click here for event information and to register!