Emerging Leaders Program | Walt Humann Continues to Share His Legacy

Now in its 14th year, ELP serves to develop young architects into leaders both in their profession and our community.

2022 ELP class kicked off to a great start – we were honored with a presence of Walt Humann.  Walt was so generous with his time and great insight! After having accomplished so much for DFW community his passion and love for people is truly inspiring. Walt walked us through not only how to seek out the inequities of our time but how to truly enact change in a meaningful way through fundraising and connecting with people.

One of the most profound pieces of advice that Walt gave our class was as we approach problems in our community we should develop enemies that we’re fighting in order to zero in on our mission. For him, DART was fighting the enemy of a thirteen-hour rush hour. Jubilee neighborhood revitalization was reversing a waste of human life. Development of Dallas magnet schools and desegregation was fighting for young minds to be nourished. He encouraged us that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to the title “Architects”, but we should see ourselves as community leaders with a unique ability to solve problems and coordinate efforts.

Presently Walt is working tirelessly to secure funding for a program which would address mental health and addiction.

The afternoon finished with presentations for potential class projects. We heard about needs in five different organization including the Wylie Fire Department, White Rock Lake Conservancy, Texas Tribal Buffalo project, MLK Community Center, and the Phoenix House. The class narrowed the options down to three and will be voting between White Rock lake Conservancy, MLK Community Center, and Phoenix House during the March class.