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From the Desk of an Architect: Leslie Nepveux, AIA

It has been a blast seeing how all of our members are working from home. We will be closing out our mini-series, "From the Desk of an Architect," this week, but we look forward to seeing all of you again in person soon. Our Women in Architecture Network Chair, Leslie Nepveux, AIA, shares what it is like working from home with two preschoolers and learning to give herself grace during these challenging times.

What are your tips for staying productive while working from home?

I have a very limited set number of work hours right now, so any moment that the kids are playing well with each other, I jump on my laptop (wherever my “desk” is for the day) to finish a drawing or answer emails. On Sunday’s, I plan out what needs to be done for the week and give myself the whole week to complete.

How are you staying connected to your team? To your clients?

Checking in on clients to let them know I’m working, even if it's working slowly.

What would be on your playlist of top 5 go-to songs for work? Have a favorite Spotify playlist for work? 

Anything by Avett Brothers, Glen Hansard, Josh Ritter, and Van Morrison.

How do you unwind after working from home? 

Usually with a Moscow mule, reading fiction, or catching up on a show. 

How are you staying active? 

We take a daily family walk around the block. Also, fetching 5,283 snacks for the children daily. 

Any tips for maintaining balance and separating work from home-life?

If you know me well, you know I really don't like feeling vulnerable, and letting my architecture community inside my home is the ultimate vulnerability! I have to be honest and say that quarantine with two young kids and a job has been really hard. It's hard physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm a self-employed residential architect and my children are both in preschool. I've been lucky to be able to slow down my work and give them most of my time during the day, but it is exhausting. Feelings of guilt for ignoring work while playing with my kids and feelings of guilt when I’m working and the kids are in front of a screen. There is no balance! I am slowly learning to give myself a whole lot of grace and to lower my impossible expectations for things around me during this unpredictable time.


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