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Luther Archer

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My favorite studio project was “House on a Hill.” It was studio 2, and I was a sophomore. I wasn’t getting very good grades in studio up to this point, but this was the first actual architecture project I could really dig into. Nothing for this project could be done from the computer; it had to be all done by hand with the rapidograph pen set I was required to buy from the university book store. Right before the start of this project was about the time in my college career that I was thinking of changing majors. By the end of it, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to be an architect.

Modern homes inspire many of us to become an architect / interior designer / landscape architect. It is important to me to refresh my memory as to why I stayed in this major, and the modern home tour does exactly that.

The first year I learned of the home tour I went with my father who is a now retired architect. We drooled over the clean details of floor transitions, frameless glass, and beautiful finishes. The second year I volunteered as a docent to remind people they can’t steal ideas with their iPhones. This is my third year and I have volunteered for the committee.

I primarily work in construction administration for multi-family and senior living projects. I’m usually buried under submittals and RFI’s, constantly wondering if I should have changed majors. I am looking to buy a house, and obviously I want a little mid-century modern. But of course there are barely any of them, and when one pops up it's gone that day. Modern homes have an inherent lasting value that any realtor can attest to, yet there aren’t many modern builder style single family homes getting built in the burbs today.

We as architects need to help enhance the perception of the general public to shape our urban/sub-urban landscape. The modern home tour is one great tool for this. Come get inspired and remind yourself you picked the right career.


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