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How Did My Thoughtful Set of Drawings Go South?

Isn't it frustrating to submit a set drawings to building inspections for the permit review only to have them come back with comments that could almost fill a notebook?  What’s the secret?

An upcoming class, taught by code expert Linda Brown and City of Dallas assistant director of puclic works Zaida Basora, FAIA, will address the most common errors made on construction documents submitted for plan review. The scope of a plan review by a building inspections department may vary greatly when a project is seeking a building permit. However, plan examiners often find the same errors repeated regardless of the experience level of the design professional. Time spent making corrections to the drawings and specifications can delay a project and may be costly.  We'll be discussing the most common errors found by plan reviewers, as well as tips to avoid making these mistakes. Additionally, we'll examine some of the benefits to having a correct set of drawings the first time around, such as improved project scheduling, fewer RFIs and change orders, and improved workflow.     

Please join the Small Firms Roundtable and the Codes and Standards Committee on Friday, May 9th for what promises to be a not-to-be-missed presentation! Register here.