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Interview with Tour of Homes Architect Todd Hamilton, AIA

Todd Hamilton, AIA is one of the architects on the 2015 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes. He was also one of my professors at UTA, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to ask him a few questions...

Why did you submit a project to be featured on the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes? 

Matt and Lindsay Thomas, both owners and contractors for the house, are really excited about building a new house in the modern farmhouse style. Matt and I do a lot of remodeling projects together and I helped them with the design. They feel this image of a house is one the public will relate favorably to, and we'll see.  

Why do you think people who are non-architects enjoy visiting homes on the tour? 

People like to see what's next in residential design. Your AIA tour group does a good job of providing a diverse range of houses and these appeal to the broader public. I like the fact that some houses are affordable while others are clearly beyond what the average homeowner can afford. 

Todd Hamilton-designed home on the 2014 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes. Check in October to see this year's tour reveals!

What do you think is a misconception that the general public has about architects? 

People who saw the movie The Fountainhead in their youth really believe that the making of buildings is a solo act with the architect in charge. We know that good architecture results from a team effort at every level. 

What do you want the tour-goers to understand about your home on the tour? 

This house is both traditional and modern at the same time. The Thomas's were interested in simplicity of decisions, the colors black and white, and an open plan inside connecting to the garden and pool beyond. Remember, they are also the contractors so the control of materials and finishes was never an issue. 

As a professor at UT Arlington, how do you think teaching design has impacted your projects? 

Educating young students to design and understand the formal, compositional, and tectonic ideas has been rewarding for all the faculty. The invention behind student work has inspired me for a long time. Opportunities to help manifest the ideas and dreams of clients is a wonderful way to spend a lifetime. 

One thing I enjoyed as a student of yours was the fact that you always brought architects in to design juries and critiques.

Laura, what better way is there is introduce students to practice and those who build. This is a two-way street. Students benefit from this professional commentary, and invited architects see how future architects draw and make decisions. Architectural programs in urban areas should always take advantage of local support and talent.

Rumor has it you are retiring... 

I, too, have heard that rumor and it will happen someday. I enjoy teaching studio and practicing, and doing both takes time and energy. I am proud of all our graduates, like yourself, who continue to make the fine buildings and magic spaces.