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Introducing Our 2021 Fellow: Donald R. Powell, FAIA

Don Powell is an international thought leader in corporate and commercial office design who challenges conventions, elevates sustainability through the application of timeless design principles, and educates fellow designers and real estate decision-makers.


Pushing back on the status quo in office design and construction

Decades of corporate interior design coupled with lead designer roles on tens of millions of square feet of core and shell design leads Powell to upend norms by proving that well-conceived architectural moves and high-performance workspaces can coexist


Sustainability through application of timeless design principles

Building materials, building systems, and reuse considerations offer forward-leaning opportunities to extend the usable life of real estate assets. Properly designed, Class A office buildings and garages are ripe for repositioning and adaptive reuse.

Wellness is “The 6th Sense.” How people feel about the workplace has become paramount to the return to work cycle. Powell’s workplace designs are responsive to human needs and foster a sustainable sense of well-being


Developing and sharing best practices with international audiences

Over his more than 15-year local and national tenure with the Urban Land Institute, Powell represents the architectural design community to real estate developers, building owners, managers, and finance and legal professionals through national and local council positions.

Powell has shared his knowledge as a leader in municipal planning and zoning throughout his career. Chairing his local P&Z and Board of Adjustment, he has advocated for both sides of the spectrum.


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