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Anna Procter
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Anna Procter

Last Page: The Leaning Tower of Dallas

It is not often that a failure leads to overwhelming success. It is not often that demolition and destruction lead to love and adoration. One would never expect that a failed building implosion would become an internet sensation and win the hearts of the residents of Dallas and beyond.

Following the failed implosion, De La Vega Development embraced Dallas’ newest icon and social media darling: the Leaning Tower of Dallas.

The firm, which plans a multi-use development and a park on the site, even hosted a lawn party next to the 11- story tower, once the Affiliated Computer Services building. Festivities included music, food trucks, and pop-up art.

Between Feb. 21, 2020, and March 2, 2020, the Leaning Tower of Dallas garnered over 2.68 million impressions over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as people flocked to North Central Expressway and Haskell Avenue for joke selfies. The stubborn building made national TV newscasts and The New York Times as a wrecking ball pounded away at it for days. Finally the building fell, but the Leaning Tower of Dallas lives on in fond memories.

Anna Procter, Hon. AIA Dallas is senior associate/business development at AG&E Structural Engenuity.

Original photos: Felipe Castillo / Collage: Frances Yllana