Mixing it up at Margarita Monday

The AIA Dallas Committee on the Environment hosted a Margarita Monday event on October 7th to promote the 10 session AIA+2030 Professional Series that will kick off in February 2014!

Credible scientists give us 10 years to be well on our way toward global greenhouse gas emissions reductions in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. Fifty percent of those greenhouse gas emissions can be traced to buildings. With proper tools and training, architects can help make a difference.

To impact the threat of climate change, Architecture 2030®, a non-partisan, national not-for-profit started by renowned architect Ed Mazria, AIA, has issued the 2030 Challenge® asking the global architecture and building community to reach the goal of carbon-neutral buildings by 2030.

AIA Dallas COTE is taking tangible steps toward reaching that goal. One of those steps is organizing the AIA+2030 Professional Series™, a 10-part series of intermediate-level professional development courses designed to provide specific ways to make our built environment energy-efficient. The courses address items such as waste heat recovery, energy modeling, active solar systems, and a variety of techniques and strategies specific to creating the type of buildings we need to be creating in the future. 

This year’s AIA+2030 kick off event will feature as keynote speaker Ed Mazria, founder of Architecture 2030.

Sign up today for your seat at this exclusive Dallas series!

Laura Eder
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Laura Eder

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