No Car Week - Are You In?

Going Dallas

You talk the walk; do you walk the walk?
You talk the bike; do you ride a bike?
You talk the trolley; do you ride the trolley?
You talk the bus; do you ride the bus?
You talk the bus; do you ride the bus?
You talk the train; do you ride the train?

Our city is buzzing about transportation; debating what works and what doesn't. To expand our knowledge, expertise, and personal experience with alternative transportation, AIA Dallas presents NO CAR WEEK.

Want to be care free? Then go car free! NO CAR WEEK allows you to go through one to five days of a workweek without turning on your car. Discover how this lifestyle shift can awaken your creativity, sophistication, and commitment.

February 16th - 20th, 2015

PARTICIPATE in NO CAR WEEK by tweeting your intentions to @AIADallas using the hashtag #carlessdfw.

SHARE your experiences via social media (twitter, instagram, facebook). Tell you tales about getting to work, attending social gatherings, cultural events, and venues (that may require formal attire), running errands (that may require carrying groceries or shopping bags), and anything else of interest in your day-to-day life.

THE PRIZE is showing other cities how cool and creative Dallasites can be!

RULE OF TRANSPORTATION: use of your personal automobile is prohibited! Allowed modes of transportation include: walking (strolling, jogging, skipping, sauntering, ambling), roller skating, skate boarding, or riding a bicycle, bus trolley or train.

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