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On Mobility: Where’s This Bus Going?

A Message from 2015 President Bob Bullis, AIA

Jim Collin writes in Good to Great:
Executives who ignited transformation from good to great did not first figure out where to drive the bus and get people to take it there. No, they first got the right people on the bus and then figured out where to drive it. 

With each new-year comes a new AIA Dallas president, a new Executive Committee and a new Board of Directors. This transition is both exciting and challenging for staff, the chairs of our 23 committees, and our membership-at-large. I am convinced that we have the right people on the bus in 2015 and encourage you to come on-board and take a ride with us.

Where are we going?

Over the last few months, the reoccurring question seems to be, “Bob, what are your goals for 2015?” I typically respond, “not much will change from 2014” — then I discuss the following:

On Mobility

Under my leadership the Chapter will continue in the tradition of being an active player on the public policy front — advocating for designing better communities through enhanced connectivity and mobility. We are committed to remaining involved in the Trinity Tollway dialogue and other transportation issues currently being debated.

To this end, the Board of Directors asks for your opinion on the Trinity Tollway. If you are an AIA Dallas member or affiliate of AIA Dallas, please take a moment to complete this brief survey.  Also do not hesitate to share your opinions on this or any other topic via a Springboard post. It’s your website...

On Associate Dues Reduction

We will continue the important work of maximizing member and firm value with a targeted focus on growing and supporting our youngest of members, the Associates and the Young Architects Forum (YAF).

In 2014, the AIA Dallas Board of Directors voted to cut local dues for our Associate members (under the age of 30) by 33%. This reduction will benefit our youngest members by making their membership more affordable. If you are a principal of a firm that pays for your employee’s AIA dues, thank you! Also know that your firm will benefit directly from this reduction because you realize this savings when paying for their membership. If your firm does not pay for associate dues, please considering investing in this group of young and talented professionals through your support of AIA. I would emphasize, it’s a long bus ride and we need youth on the bus!