PV 14 House Construction Tour

Urban Myth - shipping containers are EASY to find and can be purchased for a song...

Much has been made regarding the use of shipping containers as a viable construction material. Matt Mooney, a Managing Principal at Corgan, is exploring the challenges of this construction type with the design of the Mooney Residence located in the White Rock Lake area (Dallas). Matt has graciously offered to allow AIA Dallas and the Small Firm Roundtable network to tour the construction of his, and wife Barbara's, new home. Matt and Designer Michael Gooden will be sharing their experiences in the design and construction of this cutting-edge residence, as well as leading the construction tour. They will also share details of their interesting journey to find the home’s 14 shipping containers used on this project.

Tour is scheduled March 28, 2014. Check back with the AIA Dallas website for additional tour information and reservation details.

Also, check out the PV14 House project website at the following link: http://pv14house.com/

Update: check out photos from the construction tour here.


Robert Bullis
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Robert Bullis

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About 9 years ago: Mahbuba Nahid K.

Can't wait to see the nuts and bolts of such an innovative project. Thanks Bob Bullis for arranging the tour for us.