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Architecture on Tap has had its second of five bar gatherings, where we had a great discussion on social media in architecture—where it’s come from and where it’s going.

Bob Borson, AIA of, Andrew Hawkins, AIA of Hawkins Architecture, and Jonathan Brown, AIA of JHP Architecture/Urban Design were our speakers this round.

If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, or any number of blogs out there then you are #missingout – and you may not even know what that meant. It turns out that the panelists actually met through social media and may not have otherwise. Learning that was a great kickoff to the conversation and a great illustration of the networking benefit of social media tools.

Bob shared some personal stories of building his blog to reach thousands of visitors every week. He also shared stories of new digital etiquette and digital trends that he has picked up on as an insider to the workings of the interwebs. Andrew brought up the typical rigamarole that one has to deal with as a social person in social media in a professional environment - dual accounts being a typical fix for the separation of these two worlds. Jonathan (aka @mondotikiman) had some Twitter stories of how he was introduced to new materials and has met new people he probably would not have been introduced to otherwise.

A recurring topic of the night was the failure of the corporate culture to understand the use of social media. These tools are not directly observed as income-quantifiable, and as such lend to be futile for “during-the-work-day” time expenditure. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter are basically modern day networking tools and should be treated as such. They are not free advertising for businesses, but they are a way to develop interest in our designed world. Final words from Bob, “Content is king, have an opinion and support it.”