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West Dallas Community Center - Make an Impact

The West Dallas Community Center is an 80 year old non-profit organization who is looking to re-invent itself, expand the programs offered and become a greater resource to the community.

The center would like to maximize the use of their Bataan site to better serve the community.  A volunteer effort is taking place as part of AIA Dallas Latinos in Architecture community outreach projects that involves developing the center’s visioning, rebranding and updating the centers web site, setting master plan goals, and developing a site master plan for WDCC development.

The mission of the WDCC is Helping Youth Excel. They help youth of West Dallas develop dignity, self-respect and meet life’s encounters with a positive attitude and manner. They also communicate to the youth that they can make an impact in their community and with their lives. They train youth to practice acceptable and new social skills, increased self-worth that will enable them to become productive citizens of society.

The West Dallas Community Center is located off of Bataan Street two blocks south of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge with a spectacular view of downtown Dallas.  Its location at the heart of the community makes it an ideal location for the services that it offers and its goal of reaching out to serve other members of its community.

A site study and schematic site plan has been created by LiA to assist WDCC as they work with the City of Dallas in the rezoning of the property to continue to allow for the services currently rendered, and as a guide map to show the future services that can be offered.

The WDCC logo and branding continues to develop.   The goal for this holistic branding effort is to incorporate the web site development with the new logo design.  The logo is to visually unite the corporation’s goal of reaching to a greater community demographic, incorporate the Institution's color, and show a regional connection.

For opportunities and involvement with this program, or to find out more information about the AIA Dallas Latinos in Architecture please send an email to