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Myriam Camargo

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Why AIA Matters: A Small Firm Perspective

AIA membership allows architects to practice within the context of our communities and provides a unique opportunity to gain exposure to varied perspectives and ideas. Through the AIA, architects can make and develop long term professional and personal relationships; further discern our preferences and strengths; and measure our growth as we progress through our professional development.

CaCo Architecture is a Dallas based small/midsized firm.  CaCo subsidizes membership in the AIA to all our professionals – We strongly believe individuals with a stake in their membership value and utilize AIA’s many benefits and opportunities more often. Licensure-track programming is perhaps the most important of the many AIA offerings.

Time to participate in AIA activities, committees, and programs is not questioned – our professional team members balance their commitments within the AIA while managing our firm’s responsibilities to our clients and their projects. There are many benefits to participation at all levels for our firm – we are collaborative in nature and the development of multiple viewpoints greatly benefits those efforts.   Charretting to develop strong design concept options infused with the knowledge gained and acquisition of the wide array of points of view is enhanced through participation in a rich, professional environment, and milieu made available through our AIA.

AIA Dallas reflects architecture’s multi-faceted aspects in its myriad of programming and activity opportunities. Participation in the AIA encourages us, and particularly young people, to be part of committees and gain knowledge they may not have had access to previously in their practice.  The interaction and knowledge gained through participation in our local AIA organization develops our ability to collaborate, lead and follow; immersing in our professional organization benefits us through AIA’s leadership and involvement in our community’s current, past and future issues; it affords us the opportunity to experience our profession through the eyes of small, medium, large, and mega firms simultaneously.

The greatest benefit of AIA membership is the ability it affords us to develop as well rounded professionals who are involved and contributing to our communities.