WiA Draws on its Talents

Co-chair Vince Tam shares tips on how to get more bang from the quick sketch.

As part of our mission to share ideas and promote career development among our members, the AIA Dallas Women in Architecture network hosted an educational component at April’s luncheon. For our first lesson of 2014, co-chair Vince Tam gave tips and encouragement for developing sketching skills. Vince, junior designer at JHP Architecture/Urban Design and a member of Urban Sketchers Texas, is an accomplished artist who also taught a drawing class at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Among her tips:

  •  The basic urban sketch composition should include three components: An architectural element, people, and landscape.
  •  Don't forget vanishing lines. Draw them in lightly before you even begin. 
  •  When drawing people, all eyes should be even across the page, at the horizon line. 
  •  "Nothing is just one color." A little color will add depth to a sketch, but don't use a single shade. Try a blend of two or three colors instead.
  •  There is no limit in creativity. Explore your sketching styles!


Cindy Smith
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Cindy Smith

Talk About It

About 9 years ago: Clemente J.

I think it's great that the organization is talking about very fundamental principles of not just drawing, but also design. Even though imagery has largely migrated to digital media, principles of contrast, depth and hierarchy apply.

Glad to see great conversations are taking place!