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You've Got 5 Minutes Kid: UTA Edition

Are you looking to hire driven, hardworking, and talented people at your firm? New for 2014, the AIA Dallas Architecture Matters Committee is hosting a UTA Edition of the chapter’s signature event series, “You’ve Got 5 Minutes Kid.” This event will give your firm a head start to this intern hiring season by bringing some of the best talent at the UTA School of Architecture directly to you.

If you want your firm to thrive in today's market you need a strong vision, strong leadership, and, above all else, the right combination of top notch talent. Typically employers expend an enormous amount of energy to search far and wide for the best and brightest individuals. This year, the AIA Dallas Architecture Matters Committee, in partnership with UT Arlington AIAS, is bringing the most sought after talent directly to you.

With the increasing amount of work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, many firms are looking to strategically hire the best talent in the office. The question is not whether or not these talented, amazing, future leaders will get great jobs, but will they be starting this remarkable journey with you or your competitors. For the future of you firm, you cannot afford to miss this event.

This invitation is for you and your firm to get an exclusive first look at the amazing graduating talent at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) School of Architecture. The Architecture Matters Committee polled multiple firms in the Dallas area to see what skills and qualities hiring firms want a new “dream hire” to possess. With that in mind, the committee coordinated a call for entries, and with the help of a select jury, narrowed down the submissions to 8 future star architects.

These 8 future stars of architecture have passion, charisma, and a strong will to succeed. In addition, they have the drive and determination to be future leaders in your firm. The UTA edition of “You've Got 5 Minutes Kid” provides each student 5 minutes to discuss what ignites their passion in the field of design.

Please join us at 6:00 pm on March 17th at the Dallas Center for Architecture and be ready to do what it takes to get these future stars on your team.