The AIA Dallas Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition (KRob) has celebrated the best in architectural delineation for 49 years.

A Dallas classic that has received international recognition, KRob honors hand and digital delineation by professionals and students throughout the world. Averaging over 400 entries from 25 countries in the past several years, the competition’s visibility continues to grow. The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition is the most senior architectural drawing competition currently in operation anywhere in the world.

KRob is open to students and professionals, offering awards in the following categories: digital/hybrid media, hand delineation, travel sketch, physical delineation, animation, and emerging technologies. The winner for each category will receive a cash prize of $300 USD.

Join us virtually on Thursday, June 15 for the Awards Announcement! We will announce the winners in a Zoom broadcast.  Jurors will be able to speak about each winning entry, and we will have a panel discussion at the end of the announcements, moderated by Josh Nason from the University of Texas at Arlington.


Fernando Andrade, AIA, GSR Andrade Architects
Fernando is a president, CEO, and director of design with GSR Andrade Architects. He is responsible for the design management of the firm, programming, masterplanning, and design of a variety of project types, such as healthcare, corporate, commercial, recreational, institutional, and hospitality projects. Fernando’s major efforts are directed toward the design of individual projects to ensure that the client’s initial program, budget, and schedule are properly implemented.

A sampling of Fernando’s projects includes: Dallas County’s Grand Prairie Subcourthouse, Carrell Clinic Center, North Texas Medical Plaza, Francisco Medrano Middle School, Dallas Municipal Courthouse, North Lake College Building G, McKinney Fellowship Bible Church, and City of Dallas Fire Station #38.

Kate Aoki, AIA, Dallas Museum of Art
Kate Aoki, AIA, is an architect and the Head of Exhibition Design at the Dallas Museum of Art. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Arlington’s School of Architecture, Kate is fortunate to practice in a profession that satisfies both her passion for fine art and the design of space. She spent more than a decade working in the architecture field, most recently at DSGN Associates in Dallas as a Senior Associate, where she worked on a variety of projects that addressed important community needs. As Head of Exhibition Design at the DMA, Kate designs intimate and expressive spaces in ways that engage visitors while inviting them to learn more about the art they experience and the communities in which they thrive.

Kate has dedicated much of her time to participating on art and architectural committees, as well as studio and design award juries. She has a longstanding relationship with the Dallas chapter of the AIA, where she is currently serving as President. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Dallas Architecture Forum and the Dallas Foundation for Architecture, and she has spoken in the past on craft and the art of weaving, and design influences in Dallas.

César A. Lopez, University of New Mexico School of Architecture + Planning
César A. Lopez is a first-generation Mexican-American designer, researcher, and educator who draws from his experiences growing up in the Mexico-United States Border Region as critical knowledge to explore the entanglements between architecture, territory, and the politics that dictate them. César is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of New Mexico, School of Architecture + Planning, where he teaches design studios, courses, and seminars centered on the politics of representation. His work has been presented at national and international symposiums and conferences and published in consequential journals such as Bracket [Takes Action], ARQ 111 Degrowth, Pidgin Magazine, and Informa Journal, among others. 

In 2023, César was awarded the Arnold W. Brunner/Frances Barker Tracy/Katherine Edwards Gordon 2023/24 Rome Prize in Architecture by the American Academy in Rome, where he will explore the parallels between the expansion of the Roman Empire and the evolution of the Mexico-United States Border in a project titled Citizenry Actions. Currently, César is co-authoring a book with Jeffrey Nesbit titled Exclusions, Edges, and Ecologies: An Architecture which identifies and documents the infrastructural and architectural typologies contingent upon political boundaries. César obtained his Master of Architecture at the California College of the Arts and completed his B.S. in Architecture at Texas Tech University, College of Architecture in El Paso.

Michael Malone, FAIA, Malone Maxwell Dennehy Architects
Michael Malone, FAIA is the founding principal of Malone Maxwell Dennehy Architects, a full service architectural firm based in Dallas, Texas. Since 1992, the firm has specialized in the design of retail and commercial interiors, single and multifamily residential, facilities for worship, and corporate marketing centers. The award winning practice is frequently published in professional and shelter publications and is widely recognized for its thoughtful and considered designs. In 2013 the firm was selected as the Firm of the Year by the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Michael is a frequent contributor to professional journals and is a Contributing Editor for Texas Architect magazine. He is the author of “The Architects Guide to Residential Design” published in 2010 by McGraw Hill.

Active in the Texas Society of Architects, he was the 2015 President. Previously he served as President Elect, Vice President for Outreach, Chairman of the Publications Committee, Chairman of the Texas Society of Architects Design Committee, and Chairman of the Honors and Awards committee. He initiated and chaired the first three Texas Society of Architects Design Conferences in 2011, 2012 and 2013. He currently serves as the President of the Texas Architectural Foundation and chairs the AIA Dallas Community Honors Committee. He is a frequent speaker at professional meetings and conventions, with his programs focused primarily on the importance of design, the role of drawing in design and issues affecting the architectural profession. He was elevated to Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 2017.


Joshua M. Nason, Associate Professor of Architecture, The University of Texas at Arlington
Joshua M. Nason is a designer, urbanist, teacher, and community advocate based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is the Director of Iterative Studio as well as an Associate Professor in the College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington. Educated at Texas Tech University and Cornell University, Joshua is interested in the complex interdependent nature of individual, communal, and spatial identities. Aimed at investigating people’s relationship to place, his work attempts to lay forth working/thinking processes as active investigative tools through which such relationships can be examined and constructed as inherently mediative and experiential contexts. Thus, his exhibited, published, and built work explores dynamic connections and reciprocities at architectural and urban scales.

Professor Nason teaches courses in architectural design, urbanism, theory, mapping, and design-build. Among his published papers and articles, he, along with Jeffrey S. Nesbit, edited the book Chasing the City: Models for Extra-Urban Investigations (Routledge, 2018). Some of his recent built work includes interactive installations such as Viewfinder and Sound Booth from the Place Pavilion series and The Ark on Noah Street, a collaboration with artist Christopher Blay and BC Workshop. As a design professor for Parallel Construction (the Design-Build program at UT-Arlington) he works with talented student teams, collaborating faculty members, and generous community partners to deliver well-crafted, affordable housing solutions for the DFW area.

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