AIA Dallas: At the Center of Dallas Growth

Annual Meeting & Elections

November 13, 2017
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
McKinney & Olive Classroom Map It
2021 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75201

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Our move to Republic Center in the summer of 2018 is an exciting one. Come learn about the emerging urban center we’ll be helping to anchor!


The 360 Plan is the comprehensive, strategic plan for Downtown Dallas and its adjacent neighborhoods within a 2.5-mile radius. Unprecedented growth and development in recent years has necessitated an update to the original plan adopted in 2011. The updated plan’s vision for a “Complete and Connected City Center” will be achieved by focusing on three transformative strategies – Build Complete Neighborhoods, Advance Urban Mobility, and Promote Great Placemaking – each containing goals and implementable actions that will generate success throughout Downtown. Downtown Dallas, Inc. will join us and present on the process and the actions going forward. 

The 360 Plan has never been more important than it is now for AIA Dallas. As we plan for our move to Republic Center, we look to relocate to a new epicenter of urban development. Across the street, we will look out onto Pacific Plaza Park. The three-acre park is fully funded and will begin construction in 2018. Willis C. Winters, FAIA, Director of Dallas Park & Recreation, will also present, giving us a sneak peek into our new neighborhood.


The program will be preceded by the Annual Chapter Meeting, where members can cast their vote on the 2018 Slate of Executive Officers for AIA Dallas. To see more details on who has been nominated, click here.


PLEASE RSVP so we can save a place for you. You can park in the Harwood garage at McKinney & Olive, drive to the top floor (P9), walk through the garden gate onto the patio then into the 5th floor. The classroom will be to your right down the hall when you enter the building.

Image credits: SWA Group; Craig D. Blackmon, FAIA