Barrier Free Day

Inform Design by Experiencing Disability

May 5, 2016
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Credit: 1.0 HSW/Barrier Free
The Eberhard
2107 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX 75206

Brought to you by: Codes & Standards, Education

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Participate as impaired for a day:  in a wheelchair, on crutches, blindfolded, deaf/mute.  This experience is intended to provide each volunteer with a new view to inform their designs for the disabled and to offer a better understanding of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  You may register to participate by clicking here.

The day will conclude with a reception and a panel of the participants to share their experiences.  You will not want to miss their reports!  The reception is free if you register by May 1st.  Cost is $15.00 after May 1.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available.  See the flyer below.

Descriptions of Impairments

Mobility Impaired: Wheelchair
Ride in a wheelchair for the day on May 5th. Perform your daily routine from within the wheelchair, test restroom clearances, ramp designs, and take public transportation.

Mobility Impaired: Walker or Crutches
Use a walker or crutches for the day. Perform your daily routine using the device(s), test restroom clearances, ramp designs, and take public transportation

Visually Impaired: Blindfold & Blind Stick
Perform your daily routine while using the blindfold and blind stick. At a minimum complete certain tasks while impaired, such as getting from your office reception area to your desk, navigate a restroom, and eat lunch without seeing. If possible, go through your entire day without seeing, and share your experience with us at the happy hour discussion.

Visually Impaired: Vision Goggles
Perform your daily routine with the vision goggles. At a minimum complete certain tasks while impaired, such as getting around your office, navigating a restroom, using your computer with large fonts, and going to lunch in a public place trying to read the menu. Many restaurants do have menus with large print.

Audible Impaired: Earplugs
Perform your daily routine without being able to talk on a phone, pay extra attention in parking lots and while crossing streets. You will realize that you use your hearing for much more than just communication.

Voice Impaired: Silence
Perform your daily routine without speaking. You will need to communicate with texting, drawings, and basic sign language.