There is a lot of talk about walkable urban development, but what’s the real story? Are Texans ready to surrender their cars (or at least one of them) and live in more dense areas? Will local governments and current residents be supportive?

Hear the latest news on this trend from Chris Leinberger, national expert on walkable urban development. Using detailed economic data, Leinberger identifies the value-add created by walkabilty, building support for these projects.

Panel members will explore the real-world challenges of creating walkable developments when dealing with wary existing neighborhoods, outdated or inflexible regulations, and market perceptions and realities.

Join other North Texas leaders for this Urban Summit on a key issue for our region’s future!


Keynote Speaker: Chris Leinberger
Land use strategist, professor, real estate developer, and author who balances business realities with social and environmental concerns. Named as one of The 100 Most Influential Urbanists of all time in a 2017 Planetizen poll.

Panel Members:
Don Day, Developer and council member, McKinney, on walkable suburban centers
Bill Flaherty, Rosewood Property Company, on inner-ring suburban redevelopment
Neal Sleeper, Cityplace, on uptown Dallas
Kourtny Garrett, Downtown Dallas, Inc., on the central business district and neighboring areas

Moderator: Scott Polikov, Gateway Planning