Sustainable Showcase 2018 will feature case studies of recently completed projects or buildings that have pushed the boundaries of design and performance. The architects of the featured projects will give an overview of each project, describing the design decisions, products, practices, and lessons learned for each project.

Where possible, multiple members of the design team will present on their particular areas of expertise, emphasizing how the team worked in an Integrative Process to create the building.

Key product partners for these projects will be Sustainable Showcase exhibitors and sponsors, so that Showcase attendees will have the opportunity to learn more details about how the products were used, and how they might use similar techniques in upcoming projects.

Today’s buildings are complex, and excellence and innovation are essential for creating buildings that will remain relevant as communities change and grow. This Showcase format recognizes that no one product or feature will create an outstanding building, but that it takes the entire project team, working together, to do so.

All building stakeholders are invited to attend – architects, engineers, owners, developers, designers, contractors, and operators – to learn from these case studies in architectural excellence. 


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