Cold-formed steel (CFS) construction can be used to create both a stand-alone structural framing element and as an integral component for hybrid construction methods.  Pre-panelized cold-formed steel walls can be delivered in parts or pre-assembled.  Custom project labeling will match installation plans and routinely decreases field installation time.  Focusing on calibrated structural integrity and high-end quality modeling, steel framing components can be designed to withstand location-specific wind, fire, seismic, and shear forces, or to meet other project criteria.


PRESENTER: South Cole, Director of Construction, Texas Steel Tech

Over a 15 year career, South has gained a breadth of experience in real estate, design, construction and manufacturing. His roles have ranged from managing his own company, to working side-by-side with field labor, and to leading teams of executives and client representatives in the planning and execution of complex projects ranging from $.5M to $250M. This range of experience has aided him in his roles that consistently require preconstruction planning, lean project delivery, and leadership in leveraging innovation.