What Is a Success Team?

  • Enrollment in this program will provide access to the materials needed to study for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) at a reduced price.
  • All participants are organized into study teams, where you can benefit from the support and resources of other interns who are also in the process of taking the ARE.
  • Through participation in this accelerated study arrangement, all participants should take all exams within a one-year period.

Who Can Participate in a Success Team?

  • Any and all interns who are ready to take the ARE and have filled out the online application at www.ncarb.org. NCARB will send you an email notification when you are made eligible to take the ARE.
  • If you are not yet eligible to test please submit your name to AIADallasYP@gmail.com and indicate your interest in joining a future group. We will keep you on our e-mail list and notify you when the next round of groups will be formed.

Why Should you Participate in a Success Team?

  • Many interns have difficulties taking the ARE because they feel isolated and unsupported. The Success Teams offer an opportunity for interns to have support, share successes (and failures) and get questions answered.
  • The Success Teams program’s structure stimulates interns to stick to a schedule & not delay testing/studying.
  • The program provides access to study materials in cost of registration.
  • AIA Dallas provides study materials from Kaplan, Ballast & Archiflash as well as access to preparatory workshops as a discounted rate.

*Pre-registration is required as program space is limited